JinZuan Needle is a felting needle manufacturer with an important position in China's non-woven industry. At the same time, it also develops and produces accessories such as special brushes for needle looms. 

The company was founded in 1978 with customers all over the world. Thanks to the support of customers, the production process and product quality have been continuously improved, and the needles produced by our company have become a key component in the extraordinary development of China's non-woven industry.

Our company has many patented technologies and unique and advanced production technology and equipment. Choose high-quality imported raw materials with excellent quality. We can provide customers with products with excellent cost performance, help customers reduce production costs, and at the same time ensure customers' efficient production and product quality.

Up to now, the company has 15 categories and more than 4,000 kinds of needles to ensure that it can meet the production needs of geotextiles, filter materials, carpets, artificial leather, automobile interiors and other non-woven fabrics. According to the needs of the development of the industry and special needs of customers we can do the personal tailor, and constantly develop and design more models.

Achievements of JinZuan Needle have also been recognized by China's non-woven industry, won a number of national awards, and we also participated in the drafting of the standards of the people's Republic of China for Needle-Punching textile industry.

JinZuan Needle has transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to the brand of Felting Needle supply chain which is Globalized Internet of Things from terminal to terminal.

In 1979, after receiving the research and development task of the first " Localization Project of Imported Needle" issued by the former State Ministry of Light Industry, with only two imported needles for reference and no other technical data and equipment support, enterprise founder Xue Tongle immediately organized relevant personnel to set up a technical research team for the predecessor of JinZuan Needle, and started the independent research and development of the national brand of non-woven needle with his technical thinking and management philosophy. In 1983, the research team successfully passed the acceptance of the original Ministry of Light Industry's "Localization Project of Imported Needle" at one time. In 1991, the key research team was reorganized and established Qingdao East China Textile Accessories Factory. In 2003, Qingdao JinMao needle was renamed Qingdao JinZuan Needle.

Over the past 40 years, JinZuan has adhered to the development line of "Reputation first, Users first" and has realized the development and sales of cross-industry and cross-country needle products based on nationality, timeliness and practicability. 

In the Internet of Things era, JinZuan Needle will continue to lead the industry with better quality and excellent service. And we will always pursue perfection. Our goal is to continuously provide you with more economical and better quality solutions and make your products that more competitive in the world.